Canopy Way - Vertical greening as solution fot the urban heat island effect
About This Project

CANOPY WAY helps people, to move comfortably on the 

street in summer. Urban heat mitigation is a priority for many cities around the world that have undergone heat waves in recent years. Dark and heat-retaining materials, lack of greenery and additional heat from industry, cause temperatures in cities to rise by up to 15°C compared to the suburbs. Due to climate change, the urban heat island effect will cause increasing problems around the world in the future. The effect is particularly strong in poorer urban areas with less vegetation. This has consequences for health and wellbeing of citizens through increased mortality and less comfort and productivity.


Vegetation can help to reduce temperature and conquer the urban heat island effect by providing shade.

CANOPY WAY is a design that converts sidewalks into sheltered, shaded spaces that provides better air quality and protection from solar radiation. Without disrupting the infrastructure or redesigning the city, the project can easily get installed and expanded as needed. It is a effortless, sustainable, globally accessible solution that uses recyclable materials and has low maintenance requirements.


CANOPY WAY was designed by Jannick Steffen and Christa Carstensen, who were mentored by Gesa Hansen throughout the design process.


Semi-finalist at Rimowa Design Prize 2023